PFW PartFinder Info

What is PFW PartFinder?
With over 1 million parts, representing thousands of different vendor lines, PFW PartFinder is the best tool to find and sell used, discontinued, or specialty equipment parts.

How does it Work?
PFW PartFinder is a database that is totally searchable by whole or partial part number, as well as by country, state or province. Search results show part description, location, quantity available, price, and more.

Once you have found the part you are looking for, click on the "Order Online" button to process your order. Got questions? Simply click on the "Dealer Details" button. Want to contact the vendor directly from PartFinder? Click the "E-mail Us" button. It's that simple.

Why PFW PartFinder?
Do you have obsolete parts, or parts that can no longer be returned to the manufacturer, that are collecting dust on your shelves?
Question: Have you ever had trouble trying to locate a specific part for a customer that is no longer supplied by one of your vendors?

If the answer to either of these questions is YES, PFW PartFinder is just the marketing tool you're looking for. Contact a PFW Partfinder Sales Representative today to find out how you can use PFW PartFinder to your advantage!

Parts Warehouses & Int'l Dealers Welcome!

PFW PartFinder Contact Info

PFW Systems Corporation
Tel: (519) 474-3300
Fax: (519) 474-3661
E-Mail: PFW Partfinder Sales Representative


PartFinder Parts List Upload
PFW PartFinder has been updated* to allow you to upload your obsolete, non-returnable parts list to the web site over the Internet. If you are a registered member, simply go to, log in, and upload your parts list in a text file format (*.txt) to the PartFinder web site. The system allows you to define the field positions for part number, description, quantity available, and group code from your file so it will be imported properly. These definitions will be stored so that the next time you upload your parts, the values don't have to be re-entered. You can upload your text file directly from your PC and your parts inventory will be available to the world immediately.

For more information about registering to upload your parts, click here.

*Current PFW system users can already send parts automatically to PFW PartFinder. Contact PFW Client Services for more information.

If you are not a PFW customer and would like PartFinder to be integrated with your business system, contact PFW.